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Dental Care That Gives You a Bright, Healthy Smile

Routine Cleanings

Your dental examination begins with a routine cleaning, where we scale the teeth to remove tarter. Once the cleaning is finished, we polish the teeth using pumice and a prophy angle and perform minimal x-rays to complete your examination. We then determine what is needed for your dental work, and outline a payment plan. Our dentist works to provide for your needs based on what you can afford to do with as little expense to you as possible.
Dentist with Patient — Cleaning in Garland, TX

Regular Prophylaxis Cleaning

Prophylaxis cleaning involves scaling of teeth to remove tartar. An electric or hand scaler can be used. We polish the teeth with paste and a prophy angle. Your x-ray is taken by one of our friendly dental assistants and Dr. Osuweke performs an oral exam and outlines a treatment plan.
Dental Care — Cleaning in Garland, TX

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns, dentures and bridges are recommended to replace missing teeth. Your crown or bridge could be made of a precious metal (such as gold), a non-precious metal, or porcelain fused to metal. It all depends on your needs and your budget. The cost of gold crowns depends on the price of gold at the time of treatment.
Teeth — Examination in Garland, TX